The new structure of the strands for the EuroPM congress Technical Programme was discussed and approved by the EPMI Working Group to reflect a three-dimensional classification of the possible manuscripts: 

  • by process (powder production and consolidation technologies)
  • by material
  • by application

The applicant in the abstracts submission system will decide, considering the content of the proposed paper, to which classification criterion the paper should first be subjected, i.e. the primary classification. For instance, if the paper is strongly oriented towards discussing an application, like when presenting one or more case studies, the author should prefer to choose among the “Applications” subtopics which is the one that best fits, like “Automotive”, or “Biomedical”. On the other hand, if the paper is about the optimization of a process, for instance Binder Jetting, and the material or the application side of it are less important, it should be firstly classified as “Consolidation technologies” and then as “AM sinter based technologies”. As another example, the development of a new atomized nickel-based alloy powder will be best in the category of “Materials” and “Non ferrous” or “High temperature materials” if the focus is on the alloy properties, or in “Powder production” if the focus is in the atomizing process. 

Using multiple keywords, the authors can then characterize also the secondary and further classification for their paper. 

The new structure will be revised after Euro PM2021 and in case some changes will be introduced for the following edition, World PM2022.

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